Damodara Fun Month!

Hare Krishna dear parents and children!

The special Damodara month is almost here! Are you ready to bind Krishna with the rope of your love, just like mother Yashoda bound Krishna to the wooden mortar by her pure devotion?

Did you know this month is very dear to Srimati Radharani because so many beautiful pastimes happen in this month? That is why in Damodara month we can receive so many blessings just by doing a little devotional service.

For this reason, we have prepared FUN activities for you to do every day, so you can remember Lord Krishna and get His mercy. 
We will be posting every day on our Facebook page and every week on our website crafts, colouring pages, mazes, crossword puzzles, games and much more all about Lord Damodara!

We will also have 6 sangas where we can all join in chanting, reading beautiful pastimes of Krishna, hearing sweet memories with Srila Prabhupada and offering arati to Lord Damodara while singing the Damodarastakam song together.

Pre-Order Launch!

Look at this beautiful painting specially created for the cover of Becoming Your Devotee. Can you guess the significance of the stepping stones? 👣

The books will be physically in our Mayapur office, International shipping charges will be applicable as per the country.

Please note that the rates reduce drastically when the shipped amount is larger. If you like, we can connect you with devotees in your area who also want to order the book, write to us to cdmchildrenservices@gmail.com

Hare Krishna!

Secure your Copy!



We are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of a children’s Krishna conscious book filled with fun activities!

This will be a book series called:



Are the 3 perfect words to describe this book.

We started this series of books with the conviction that learning about Krsna consciousness is fun and enjoyable. Learning should be exciting and this is what this book is trying to achieve.

Children learn best when they are actively hands-on engaged in the topic which is why we have included a wide range of fun-filled activities!

Becoming Your Devotee explores, in depth, 8 interesting Krsna conscious topics such as putting on tilaka, the 9 processes of devotional service, Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda and how to offer bhoga and arati.

More than 150 ways to engage your children in Krsna consciousness!


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