About Us

Founded in 2016, Congregational Development Ministry (CDM) Children Services strives to support congregations all over the world to engage our Vaikuntha children in Krsna Consciousness.

We provide resources and material to nourish our children’s Krsna Conscious education.

We support an approach to Children Services that fosters enriching, instructive and fun Krishna conscious experiences to help them realize their natural love for Krishna in service to Srila Prabhupada and the Vaishnavas.

We invite you to explore our dynamic network of devotees and diverse materials to enhance our children’s love for Krsna.

Because we believe ISKCON children are the future hope of our movement by carrying on Srila Prabhupada’s mission of changing the world with Krsna consciousness, and that they find inspiration, love and happiness in being a devotee of Krsna by the strong support of their families, teachers and communities in their education, well-being and spiritual purpose…

Our Mission is ..

 To help all the ISKCON congregations around the world implement children’s programs or expand existing ones by creating a variety of methods to capture the hearts of children and nurture their seed of bhakti.


~ Design and present training courses for devotees performing children services.

~ Produce various supporting resources for parents, teachers and well wishers (books, magazines, modules, etc.).

~ Assist temples and congregations to start up children services or improve and expand existing ones.

~ Create a dynamic network of devotees involved in children services.

~ Facilitate the sharing of methods, resources and initiatives of different Yatras and congregations within our Children Services network

We are extremely grateful to those devotees who are currently doing children services and to those devotees who would like to start up children services.

By sharing with each other our experiences, resources and knowledge we can expand this ISKCON movement together.

Raise Your Helping Hand

Supporting this project keeps our doors open to the public and enables us to make ISKCONchildren.com a place where everyone can experience the sweetness in nourishing children’s spiritual growth, have opportunities to learn and create fun Krsna conscious children programs around the world to develop children’s love for Krsna.