Drama scripts on the various pastimes of the Lord, pastimes of His devotees and associates and moral dramas from the scriptures. .

Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra Transformation

Scene 1:

(All queens enter stage)

Rukmini: I really hope our Lord likes what we are cooking for him.

Jamabavati: I made a garland with all His favourite flowers.

(Satyabhama goes off stage and comes back with Krsna)

 Satyabhama: My dear Lord please sit down.  I have made some sweets for you. Would you like one?

(Krsna sits down and is ignoring the queens. He is thinking about Vrindavana)

Rukmini: Here my husband I have picked these flowers for your pleasure.

Jambavati: Please accept this garland I have made for you.

Satyabhama: Would you like to taste what we have cooked for you?

Rukmini: Do you not like what we cooked?

Jambavati: It seems that you are not feeling well.

Satyabhama: I will massage your feet.

Krsna: Radhe! Radhe! Gopi! Gopas!

(Rukmini calls all the queens to the side of the stage)

Rukmini: I do not understand what is happening!

Jambavati: We have been good wives.

Satyabhama: We cook for him every day, we do everything for him with all our hearts.

Jambavati: Do you think we are doing something wrong?

Satyabhama: He did not even pay any attention to us. It was as if he could not see or hear us.

Rukmini: Who are these gopas and gopis that He always dreams about?

(Subhadra enters stage and joins the Queens’ discussion)

Satyabhama: What is so special about Vrindavana, that it steals the mind of our beloved husband?

Rukmini: Do you know Subhadra?

Subhadra: I know the perfect person that will know all these questions to your answers. Let us ask mother Rohini, she can tell us everything.  

Scene 2:

(Rohini Mata is on stage and all the queens enter the stage and approach Rohini)

Rukmini: Mother Rohini, we would like to hear from you pastimes about our Lord in Vraja.

Subhadra: Why is he always thinking about Vrindavana? What is so special about this place?

Rohini: These pastimes are so special that even Krsna is attracted to hearing them. But I will only tell you these pastimes on one condition.

Subhadra: Anything you wish.

Rohini: The condition is that Krsna and Balaram cannot hear us. If they do hear, it will be a big problem.

Subhadra : Now is a perfect time because Krsna and Balarama have a meeting .

Jambavati: Please tell us.

Satyabhama: We are very excited to hear.

Rohini: Alright. But just to make sure that They do not hear, Subhadra please stand outside the door and guard it.

Subhadra: Yes Rohini Mata, I will be the best guard and make sure that Krsna and Balaram do not come to hear. Let us go to the room over there.

(Subhadra Devi stands up and guards the door)

Scene 4:

Rohini: While all the cowherd boys were fully immersed in playing, Krsna would sneak away without anyone noticing him to meet Radharani. The appearance of the moon increased Krsnas desire to dance with the gopis. When Krsna began to blow his flute, the gopis headed by Srimati Radharani became enchanted and would leave everything they were doing to meet with their beloved.

(Krsna sneaks off stage to meet Radharani and the gopis. The cowherd boys go off stage and Krsna starts playing the flute)

Radharani: Is that Krsna’s flute I hear? Hurry gopis!

Krsna: Oh Gopis, you are all very dear to me. I hope everything is well. Please tell me why you have come here in the dead of night? Please sit down and tell me what I can do for you.

Radharani (Laughing): Oh Krsna, why are you receiving us very officially?

Lalita: You are treating us like ordinary society women.

Krsna: It is the dead of night and the forest is very dangerous. I think that it is very risky for you to be here so please go home now.

Vishaka: We are not afraid of the forest animals.

Radharani: As long as we are with you we feel safe and are not afraid.

Krsna: Your parents, brothers, sons and husbands must be very worried about you. Please go home and make them peaceful. Your small babies must be crying at home.

Lalita: Krsna you are very cruel. You should not talk like that.

Vishaka: We are surrendered to you so please accept us and do not reject us.

Radharani: We have come to you, leaving everything behind just to take shelter of your lotus feet.

Lalita: You are our eternal, husband, eternal son, eternal friend and eternal master.

Vishaka: Our legs have no power to move a step away from your lotus feet,

Radharani: If you do not accept us and send us home we will give up our bodies immediately.

Vishaka: You have stolen our hearts but then are asking us to leave?

Lalita: We are begging to be your servants.

Krsna: My dear gopis, you are most dear to Me.

(Krsna and gopis play and dance together for some time and then leave the stage)

Scene 5:

(Krsna, Balarama and Subhadra go to center of stage and go into ecstasy)

Krsna: Radhe! Lalita! Vishaka!

Balarama: Sridama! Madhumangala! Subala!

(Turn into Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra form)

(Narada Muni enters stage)

Narada Muni: My dear Lord, I have seen so many of Your amazing forms but I have never seen this beautiful form! Yes I have seen it! I pray that You manifest this form somewhere so that everyone can take darshan of this special form.

Jay Jagannatha! Jay Baladeva! Jay Subhadra!

Scene 3:

(Rohini Mata is speaking to the queens in the side of the stage)

Rohini: Vrindavana is the most special place. The land is covered with emerald green grass. The forest is filled with many fruit trees. All these trees are surrounded by jeweled sand and embraced by various creepers. These trees reflect in the jeweled sands and in the rivers rushing down Govardhana Hill. Many different birds such as parrots sing songs. Vrindavana is not created by Brahma, it is Radha Madhava’s eternal spiritual abode.

(Krsna enters stage and acts out narration)

Rohini: So everyday Lord Krsna wakes up and blows his buffalo horn to call all his friends together.

Subala: Did you hear that Sridama? Krsna is calling us!

Sridama: Madhumangala stop eating and come quickly!

Madhumangala: Wait, why do I have to stop eating? Is Krsna calling us?

Sridama: Yes, yes hurry! Let’s go!

Rohini: They all go to the forest together carrying their sticks, flutes, horns and their lunch bags. They decorate themselves with flowers, leaves, twigs and peacock feathers.

Balarama: Krsna here I found these peacock feathers for you.

Sridama: Look at the crown I made out of twigs.

Subala: These malati and parijata flowers smell so nice.

Madhumangala: I made a bed of leaves for us when we want to rest after eating.

Krsna: Oh Madhumangala! You are always thinking about your belly!

Rohini: Krsna, Balarama and the cowherd boys would play many games.

Sridama: Krsna and Balaram will both be the team leaders.

Subala: I want to be with Krsna!

Madhumangala: I want to be with Balarama!

(Start playing tug of war)

Balarama: I am the strongest boy of Vraja!

Madhumangala: Yes we have Balarama, the strongest one so we will surely win!

Subala: But Krsna is the King of Vrindavana so you will lose!

Balarama: Come on Madhumangala, pull harder!

(Balarama’s side wins and Krsna’s side all fall to the ground)

Sridama: Yaaay we won!

Subala: Now I will win! I will touch Krsna first! (Runs after Krsna)

(Krsna runs and the cowherd boys are running after him)

Sridama: No! I will touch him first!

Madhumangala: Krsna, I am coming for you!

Balarama: Run as fast as you can!

Sridama: I almost got you!

Krsna: You will all need to run faster if you want to touch me!

Rohini: They would also play on their flutes or bugles made of buffalo horn. Some of them would make sounds like the cuckoo birds.

Krsna: Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Sridama: I wish I could play the flute like you Krsna.

Rohini: Some boys chased the birds shadows along the ground and danced like the peacocks.

Subala: Look at how I am dancing like a peacock!

(Krsna and Balarama in Vrindavana and cowherd boys freeze on stage)

(Krsna and Balarama in Dvaraka enter the stage)

Krsna (Dwaraka): Balarama, do you think the meeting was fruitful?

Balarama (Dwaraka): Yes my Lord, I think it went well.

(Krsna and Balarama in Dvaraka walk up to Subhadra)

Krsna (Dwaraka):  Subhadra? What are you doing here?

Subhadra: Ummmm, I am just…uuuuhhh… I am looking for something.

Balarama: It does not look like you have lost anything.

Krsna (Dwaraka): Come on Subhadra, tell us the truth.

Subhadra: I can’t tell you or I will get in trouble. I can’t allow you to go inside.

Balarama (Dwaraka): Krsna! Krsna! Subhadra is guarding a secret meeting being held in this room.

Krsna (Dwaraka): Sounds like, Rohini Mata is speaking 

Balarama (Dwaraka): about Vrindavana!

(Krsna and Balarama in Dvaraka and Subhadra stand outside the door and start going into ecstasy)

Rohini: Some of them climbed up into the trees to tease the monkeys by catching their tails, jumping and making faces at them, or showing their teeth to them.

(Krsna and Balarama in Vrindavana and the cowherd boys unfreeze and continue acting)

Madhumangala: Look at that monkey on that tree!

Balarama: Quickly climb it and catch its tail!

Subala: Ooooo aaaaa! Ooooo aaaa!

Rohini: Others played with the frogs and jumped in the water after them and imitated them.

Madhumangal: Rrrribbit! Rrrrribbbit!

Krsna: Look how far I can jump like a frog!

Subala: Well look at me! I can jump even higher!

Balarama: I am going to catch you!

Rohini: Then after playing many different games they would all sit together in a circle and take lunch that their mothers had prepared for them.

Balarama: Yuuuum! Mata, made puri and subji. Would you like some?

Krsna: I have rasagulas and burfis, my favorite sweets.

Sridama: I have kachoris.

Subala: Madhumangala, what did you bring?

Madhumangala: Ummmmm, I do not have anything left.

Everyone: Madhumangala! You ate everything!

Rohini: Some boys would steal another boy’s lunch bag and throw it amongst each other, teasing that boy.

Madhumangala: Oh wait, look I do have one last ladoo.

Sridama: Subala, quickly take his ladoo!

(Cowherd boys throw the laddo amongst each other while Madhumangal chases after them trying to catch it)

Balarama: Pass it to me!

Krsna: Now pass it to me!

Madhumangala: Give me back my ladoo!

Subala: Hahaha, looks like you won’t be having another ladoo today!