Purusottama Challenge! 

Are you ready for a spiritual challenge?

This year we get to celebrate the most special month called Purusottama month.  We get 1000x the benefit for any spiritual activity that we do! It’s like a Bhakti Super SALE, and it only comes once every three years. 

Let’s make the most of this special mercy together. Join us on the Purusottama Challenge for 30 days!

What's this challenge all about?

Dates: 18th July – 16th August

This challenge consists of three levels, each offering different Krishna conscious activities such as chanting japa, offering flowers or reading a pastime. Choose a level that inspires you and we will provide you with a weekly calendar to guide you. 

Why should you take up this challenge?

  • Receive a weekly calendar with cool Krishna conscious activities to do.
  • Collect 1000x benefit in your bhakti bank account.
  • Receive a certificate signed by HH Jayapataka Swami
  • Have your name offered to Radha Madhava, Panca-tattva and Nrsimhadeva in Mayapur.
  • Receive a free activity book.
  • Join our online sangas twice a week with other kids.

How can you join the challenge?

  1. Sign up by completing the registration form
  2. Choose a level that inspires you
  3. Join our WhatsApp group
  4. Download your calendar and other files
  5. Participate in our online sangas 

And if you really want to help us with a bonus … Share this challenge with your friends! 

We are happy to offer this #PurusottamaChallenge free of cost as a service. However, organizing and conducting this program demands a lot of time, energy, manpower and resources. If you would like to support this program and help us create more.

And if you are enthusiastic about becoming a regular supporter of Bhakti Kids, we invite you to

Your contributions and support play a vital role in our ability to continue offering programs like the Purusottama Challenge.

Registrations close July 17th, 11:59 pm IST

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