Becoming Your Devotee: Chapter 8 – Lesson Plans 

Would you like to learn about the 9 processes of devotional service and the personalities who represent each of them? How can we centre our lives around Krishna in these various ways? 

In this chapter, we will read stories and even write our own storybook, we will create a phone speaker from cups and design a weekly plan to apply the processes in our life. Let’s make a trifle for the Lord and solve jumbled words, cryptograms and participate in a fun quiz! We will also enact the glorious life of a very special devotee King of the Lord! 

These 8 lesson plans provide you with a step-by-step guide for using the fun lesson and activities from Chapter 8 of Becoming Your Devotee. 

If you still do not have, Becoming Your Devotee:

Nrsimhadeva — My Protector: A Festival Kit

Haribol, dear children!

The wonderful appearance of Lord Nrisimhadeva is here. Would you like to fill your days remembering this magnificent incarnation of Lord Krishna? He has appeared just to protect a little devotee like you. So, we have prepared a special festival kit about Lord Nrisimhadeva!

It has stories, drama, crafts, colouring pages, fun activities like puzzles and games. And you can also learn to play the famous Nrisimhadeva prayer on the harmonium from it!

Becoming Your Devotee: Chapter 7 – Lesson Plans!

Has your child ever asked you why we follow Ekadasi? What is the significance and why can’t we eat grains? 

 Let’s create a puppet show about the story of how Ekadasi appeared! Would you like to write a letter to Krishna, prepare fruit salad for the Lord or solve a cryptogram? We got a sloka to learn, crafts to create and games to play! 

12+ hours of Krishna-conscious filled fun!

Bhakti Kids Team has invested a lot of time and facilities to create these resources to support you in your service. For this reason, we are offering this product on a donation basis. We would greatly appreciate your contributions to be able to continue with our service!

Becoming Your Devotee: Chapter 6 – Lesson Plans!

Kids! Would you like to know how to do arati, blow a conch shell or make ghee wicks?

 Do you want to participate in a conch shell blowing competition, play charades, read stories, do crafts, learn slokas, make sweet rice or learn how to play the Gaura Arati song on the harmonium?

12+ hours of Krishna-conscious filled fun!

Bhakti Kids Team has invested a lot of time and facilities to create these resources to support you in your service. For this reason, we are offering this product on a donation basis. We would greatly appreciate your contributions to be able to continue with our service!

Gauranga, The Dancing Lord – A Festival Kit

Hare Krishna dear parents and children!

We are excited to offer you a NEW festival kit about Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

I’m sure you all know that the Supreme Personality of Godhead came “undercover” in Kali yuga, taking the beautiful golden colour of Srimati Radharani and Her mood of separation from Krishna. In this incarnation He taught us how to be a devotee of Krishna and He gave freely love for Krishna to everyone!

Did you know He used to do many naughty things as a small boy? Or that He was a brilliant student? Find many interesting stories about Him and have fun doing all the activities prepared in this Festival Kit!

Teaching children has never been easier! We have everything all planned out for you!

Almost 2 years ago, on February 14th 2020, we published our first children’s activity book, Becoming Your Devotee. With 150+ interactive activities, this book immerses children in Krishna conscious-filled fun!

To go hand-in-hand with this book, we are providing a step-by-step curriculum for parents, teachers and children program leaders to conduct spiritual classes with no planning required. 

So far we have published 39 LESSON PLANS which amounts to a minimum of 60 HOURS of Krishna conscious engagement for kids!

Becoming Your Devotee – Chapter 5 – LESSON PLANS!

We are excited to share with you Lesson Plans for Chapter 4 of our children’s book – Becoming Your Devotee. These lesson plans are a step-by-step guide for using Becoming Your Devotee, to help you organise Krishna conscious fun classes for children, whether at home or in your temple programs.

Our goal is to provide you with support to engage children in Krishna Consciousness, so please take advantage of this resource! 

Many devotees around the world have been requesting Bhakti Kids to provide a spiritual curriculum for congregations to conduct children programs. Bhakti Kids is creating lesson plans for every chapter of “Becoming Your Devotee”, using all the fun activities provided in the book to guide parents and teachers in conducting spiritual classes!

Becoming Your Devotee – Chapter 4 – LESSON PLANS!


Hare Krishna dear children!

Today we will enter a most confidential pastime of Krishna dancing with the gopis in the moonlit forest of Vrindavan, a dance called the Rasa dance.
We will find out how Krishna called the gopis with His flute, how He jokingly sent them back home and then reciprocated with their pure love for Him.

Try out making the paper chain dolls of Krishna and the gopis dancing.

You have full access to the book by reading it online and even have the option to download it.

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Becoming Your Devotee: Chapter 3 – Lesson Plans!

Lesson Plans about Lord Gauranga and Lord Nityananda!

Lord Chaitanya’s and Lord Nityananda’s appearance days are coming up very soon so we are extremely excited to announce the completion of the lesson plans for the third chapter of our children’s activity book.

We invite you to check out our detailed flip through of this chapter about Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. You will find stories, games, recipes, dramas, crafts, puzzles, songs and so much more!

More than 15 hours’ worth of fun Chaitanya-lila themed activities to do with your children this festival season!

These lesson plans provide you with an easy, step-by-step guide for your children classes, whether at home, Sunday school or children programs.

Our goal is to help you organise fun-filled, spiritual get-togethers for your kids and their friends without unnecessary hours of planning from your side!

Parents and teachers, do not miss out on this valuable resource!

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