Happy Rama Navami!

We would like to share with all of you this free children’s e-book that contains various pastimes of Lord Ramachandra and a wide range of fun activities and resources all about Him, for ages 2-18 year olds..


The activities are all in relation with the 5 most powerful items of devotional service centered on the theme of celebration Rama Navami!

What you will find:
– Simplified and detailed versions of stories associated with the festival to read with children.
– Lists of suggested activities for children from ages 2-18.
– Pages of resources, songs and prayers, where to find stories in scripture, pictures to colour, Internet links, and so forth, to assist with the suggested activities.
– The educational focus is divided in 3 parts: Learning Aims, What children will accomplish by the end of this unit, and assessing how well the aims have been achieved.

You have full access to the book by reading it online and even have the option to download it.

Please check for the download icon on the flipbook menu bar.

We would like to thank HG Urmila Devi Dasi for creating this wonderful resource and sharing with everyone. She holds a PhD in Educational Leadership and is one of the most renowned educators in ISKCON.


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